General Orders

TitleOrder Date
  Petition for giving relaxation in interest rate on the arrears of M/s Malayalam Chemicals Pvt Ltd under the OTS Scheme 07-02-2020
  OP 57/2019 - Order on approval to meet the contract demand on multiple feeders of M/s Embassy Taurus Technzone, Phase II campus of M/s Technopark 28-01-2020
  OP 62/2019 - Order on seeking approval for short term power procurement arrangement from 2/2020 to 9/2020 of KSEB Ltd with PTC India Ltd and BSES Yamuna Pvt Ltd 14-01-2020
  OP 63/2019 - Order on approval of PPA for 1000 kVA to 1500 kVA between KSEB Ltd and KPUPL in respect of KINFRA HiTech Park, Kalamassery 23-12-2019
  OP 61/2019 - Order on approval of PPA for enhanced contact demand - KINFRA integrated industrial and textiles park Kanjikode, Palakkad - KPUPL 16-12-2019
  OP 31/2019 - Order on availing No Objection Certificate for open access - Southern Railways 12-12-2019
  OA 11/2018 - Petition seeking determination of project specific preferential tariff for wind mill project - M/s Kosamattam Finance Ltd 04-12-2019
  OA 26/2019 - Order on compliance of directions of the Hon''ble High Court of Kerala in the judgment in WP (C) No. 39396/2015 (Deemed HT Connection)- Shri. P.P. Jose 03-12-2019
  OP 49/2019 - Order on petition filed on the basis of Hon''ble High Court WP (C) No.37629/2018 - Shri. M. Chempakamuthu 03-12-2019
  RP 1/2019 - Order on Review Petition on the tariff order issued by the Commission on 13.10.2019 (OP No.l 8/2017) M/s INOX Renewables Ltd 02-12-2019
  OP 43/2019 - Order on approval of capital expenditure for the FY 2017-18 - M/s Cochin Special Economic Zone Authority (CSEZA) 02-12-2019
  OA 8/2019 - Corrigendum to the order dated 6.9.2019 - Pathamkayam SHED - M/s Minar Renewables Energy Projects Pvt Ltd 14-11-2019
  OP 12/2017 - Order on approval of capital investment plan for the financial year 2017 -18 - M/s Technopark 13-11-2019
  OP 59/2019 - Order on Power Purchase Agreement - in phase II and III of Technopark with KSEB Ltd 13-11-2019
  Suo Motu proceedings in the matter of Generation Based Incentive (GBI) for Off Grid Captive Solar Plants 11-11-2019
  OP 55/2019 - Order on Power Purchase Agreement between Cochin Special Economic Zone Authority (CSEZA) and KSEB Ltd for revising the contract demand of CSEZA from 10 MVA to 13 MVA 04-11-2019
  OA 59/2018 - Order on Determine and classify BSNL into the Industry Category 25-10-2019
  OP - 47/2019 - Order on Meeting power requirement during summer 2019- cancelling bid for procuring 150 MW peak power on short term basis - through DEEP Portal and making alternate arrangement for banking of power for meeting the power deficit during summer 2019 24-10-2019
  OP 45/2019 - Approval for Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with KSEB Ltd for 1 MVA at 110 kV for Technopark Phase IV at Technopark 22-10-2019
  OP - 52/2019 - Order on Scheme for the One Time Settlement (OTS) of arrears of KSEB Ltd. 17-09-2019
  OA 8/2018 - Order on petition under section 86 (1) (e) of the Electricity Act, 2003 filed by M/s Minar Renewable Energy Projects Private Limited for the Pathamkayam SHEP 06-09-2019
  OP No. 51/2019 - Order on petition for amending the Supply Code - restrict the supervision charges to 2.5% - National Highways Authorities of India projects under Bharatmala Pariyojana in the State 04-09-2019
  OP No. 50/2019 – Order on implementing of grid connected solar pv rooftop systems through EPC contractors / developers under CAPEX / RESCO by KSEB Ltd – SOURA Project 30-08-2019
  OA No. 1/2019 - Order on the basis of direction of Hon''ble High Court of Kerala WP (C) No. 39622/18 dated 13.12.2018 - filed by Smt. Rengini Sasidharan 21-08-2019
  OP 58/2018 - Order on approval for Edamon - Kochi Compensation Package - KSEB Ltd 09-08-2019
  OP - 48/2019 - Order on the installation of special energy meters and RTU for grant of long term intra state open access for printing centers with a contract demand at drawal points less than 1 MVA - M/s Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. 09-08-2019
  OP 46/2019 - Order on petition for the approval of draft power sale agreement for 92 MW floating solar project at Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Project, Kayamkulam 24-07-2019
  OA 13/19 - Order on determination of tariff for single point supply and sharing electricity charges - M/s South Asian Plywood Ltd. 17-07-2019
  OP No. 43/2019 - Order on approval of the additional capital expenditure for the FY 2017-18 - CSEZA 27-06-2019
  OP No. 44/2019 - Order on additional time / installments for complying with the one time settlement (OTS) scheme approved by the Commission - M/s AP Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd 27-06-2019
  OP No 42/2019 – Order on the approval of Power Purchase Agreement between KSEBL and Smart City, Kochi 18-06-2019
  OP 30/2019 - Order on grant of power factor incentive - M/c Kochi Metro Rail Ltd by KSEB Ltd 07-06-2019
  OP NO. 12/2018 - Order on Supply of 115 MW of Power to KSEB Ltd (reduction of fixed charges due to heat rate) - M/s Jhabua Power Limited 06-06-2019
  OP 33/2019 - Order on approval for sale of power to Chattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited - KSEB Ltd 28-05-2019
  OP No. 35/2019 - Order on approval of PPA for MSW based Waste to Energy Plant at Brahmapuram, Kochi - M/s GJ Eco Power Pvt Ltd 28-05-2019
  OP 57/2018 - Approval of draft PPA (petition No. 10/2017) - Waste to Energy Project of Kochi Municipal Corporation 05-03-2019
  OP No 32 / 19 - Granting approval for the modification in the approved Standard Bid Documents - KSEB Ltd 27-02-2019
  OP 12/2017 - Interim Order - Application for the approval of capital investment plan for the FY 2017-18 M/s Technopark 18-02-2019
  OP 8/2018 – Order on approval of Cost Data for distribution works for the FY 2018-19 –TCED 12-02-2019
  OP 9/2017 - Order on approval of Power Sale Agreement for 50 MW Solar PV project at Kasargod Solar Park - IREDA and SECI Ltd. 06-02-2019
  OP No 56 / 18 – Order on auction for procuring solar PV power plants to be established in Kerala on IPP mode 19-11-2018
  OP 34/2015 – Order on the basis of judgment of Hon’ble High Court – BSES Kerala Power Ltd. 05-10-2018
  OP 10/2018 – Interim Order on utilization of KSEB Ltd assets by a joint venture company named as KFON 04-10-2018
  OP 8/2017 – Order on tariff of 16 MW wind power project at KINFRA, Palakkad – INOX Renewables Ltd. 03-10-2018
  OP 5/2018 and 6/2018 – Common Order Removing the difficulties in establishing Renewable Energy – KSSIA & KREEPA 03-10-2018
  OP 4/2017 - Inclusion of additional distribution license area of KINESCO Power and Utilities (P) Ltd 11-09-2018
  OA 16/2017, 1/2018, 7/2018 and 9/2018 – Common order on Fuel Surcharge of KSEB Ltd. 13-08-2018
  OP 2/2018 – Order on PPA between Anakkampoil Power Pvt Ltd and KSEB Ltd 20-07-2018
  OP No. 1/2018 – Order on adjudicating the dispute between KSEBL and Maithon Power Ltd. 26-06-2018
  OP 3/2018 – Order on approval of capital investment / expenditure for the FY 2017-18 – KINESCO 28-05-2018
  OA No. 15-20/2016 – Order on withdrawal of Review Petitions for the FY 2009-10 to 2014-15 - KPUPL 04-05-2018
  OA 17/ 2017 - Approval of the cost data for materials and labour for the distribution works FY- 2018-19- KSEB Ltd 27-04-2018
  OP 4/2018 – Order on petition Matha Amrithanandamayi Math, Kochi on KSERC (Grid Interactive Dis…….) Regulations, 2014 10-04-2018
  OP 11/2017 – Order on approval of capital investment for 110 kV sub-station – Thrissur Corporation Electricity Department 01-02-2018
  OA No. 16/2017 – Order on the fuel surcharge for the 1st quarter of the FY 2017-18 – KSEB Ltd. 24-01-2018