General Orders (Archives)

  OP No. 7/2016-Non-compliance - CEA Safety Regulations, 2010, relating to the qualifications of technical staff- Shri. Shibu K S 29-12-2017
  OP 7/2017 Order on 150 kVA, contract demand at 415 voltage at low voltage supply surcharge - M/s National Plywood Industries 23-08-2017
  OP 33/12 and OP 19/15 - Common Order on approval of draft PPA to be executed between KDHPCL and KSEB Ltd 30-07-2017
  RP No.1/2017 - Review petition by HT & EHT Association in the order dt.17.4.17 on determination of open access charges 26-07-2017
  RP No.4/2017- Review Petition filed by M/s Kochi Metro Rail Ltd on tariff dated 17-04-2017 12-07-2017
  Order on File No.665/DD(T)/KSIE/17 -Kerala State Industrial Enterprises and Amal Jyothi College of Engg. -on Roof Top Solar PV Power 03-07-2017
  Order on File No.186/DD (T)/Corridor/17 - approval of additional cost for transmission corridor on e-bid basis- KSEB Ltd 30-06-2017
  OP No.2/2017 - dispute with KSEB Ltd and M/s INDSIL Hydro Power for non-payment of banked energy 02-06-2017
  573/F&T/17/KSERC - Application for amending tariff - Mata Amrithanandamayi Math, Kollam 02-06-2017
  Order (file No.720/DD(T)/RPIL/2017) - Approval of PPA for additional power by Rubber Park India (P) Ltd 31-05-2017
  Order on File No. 590/DD(T)/BKPL-naphtha /2017/KSERC - BKPL- implementing the interim order of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala 27-04-2017
  Interim Order on Petition No. 03 / 2017 - CIAL seeking refund of the registration fee paid etc - KSEB Ltd 27-04-2017
  Order No. 143/F&T/2017/KSERC- purchase of power RGCCPP, Kayamkulam of NTPC 27-04-2017
  CP 8/2016 & 9/2016 - Common order on - Atlas Gold Township India Pvt Ltd 26-04-2017
  OA 1/2017 - Categorisation of the activity of sterilization under LT IV (A) Industrial - M/s Microtol Sterilisation Service (P) Ltd 11-04-2017
  1834/DD (T)/2016/KSERC – Order on re-categorization of ‘Call Centers’ under LT-IV (B) IT/ITES category - Technopark 22-03-2017
  OP 13/2016 – Order on revision of cross subsidy surcharge & additional surcharge for open access - KSEB Ltd 14-03-2017
  File No.1580/F&T/2016 - 22/2/2017 Order on Capital Investment Plan for the 2017-18 - Rubber Park India (P) Ltd 22-02-2017
  O.P. No.10/2016- Order on- Approval of PPA wind farm of M/s Ahalia Alternate Energy (P) Ltd at Palakkad 22-02-2017
  CP No. 5/16 - Suja.K, Palakkad- Non-compliance of Supply Code and Act by KSEB Ltd 16-02-2017
  File No. 126/D(F&T) / 2016/KSERC – M/s REI Power Bazar (Pvt) Limited –Intra-state power exchange in Kerala 14-02-2017
  File No.1184/ADL/16/KSERC- LANCO Kondopalli Power Ltd - Maintability of the Petition under EA 2003 07-02-2017
  Petition No. 1893/DD (T)/Jhabua/2016/KSERC in OP No. 13/2015 - Procurement of 865 MW power for long term by KSEB Ltd. on DBFOO basis 22-12-2016
  Common Order - Petition Nos.1232/DD(T)/OA-NoC/16- (HT&EHT)& 1270/F&T/16/KSERC- (INDSIL) Interstate short term open access 21-12-2016
  OP 11/2016 – Order on implementation of Unnat Jyothi by Affordable LED’s for All (UJALA) and EEF Programme by TCED 21-12-2016
  O.P. 14 of 2016 Order on approval of Supplementary Power Purchase Agreement KDHPCL and KSEB Ltd 20-12-2016
  Order – File No.1964/DD(T)/PP200 MW/2016/KSERC Approval for the purchase of 100MW RTC power and 100 MW on short term basis –KSEB Ltd 19-12-2016
  C.P.No.07/2016 (1488/Com.Ex/2016/KSERC) - Order on non-compliance of Supply Code, 2014 - Sri. Varkey Thomas 24-11-2016
  C.P.No.06/2016 (1487/Com.Ex/2016/KSERC) - Order on non-compliance of Supply Code, 2014 - Smt. Mariamma 24-11-2016
  CP.No.04/2016 - KAP (India) Project & Construction Pvt Ltd - non-compliance of the order of Ombudsman - P/371/2013 17-11-2016
  C.P.No.10/2016 – Order -M/s. Hot Spices & Builders Pvt. Ltd -Non-compliance of the directive, and Supply Code, 2014 16-11-2016
  O.P. No.09/2016- Removal of difficulties encountered by HT & EHT consumers in implementing provisions of supply code 2014 10-11-2016
  Order No. 1209/DD(T)/2016/KSERC - Little Flower Hospital - Determination of tariff of Hospitals managed by public charitable trust 10-11-2016
  Order No. 2193/DD/2015 - M/s Lisie Hospital, Eranakulam- Tariff applicable to private hospital 10-11-2016
  OP No.34/15 - Order on Approval of PPA between KSEB Ltd and BSES Kerala Pvt. Ltd 26-10-2016
  O.P. No.12/2016 - Directing KSEB Ltd for expediting consent of open access -CSEZA 17-10-2016
  OA 12/2016 - Approval of cost data for distribution works by Thrissur Corporation for the year 2016-17 14-10-2016
  OP No. 13/2015 - Procurement of 865 MW power for long term by KSEB Ltd. on DBFOO basis 30-08-2016
  O.P. No.08/2016 -Notifying TMRs Thirumala, Pallom, Shoranur and Kannur of KSEB Ltd as “approved laboratory” 26-08-2016
  OP 7/16 - Order on Shri. Shibu.K.S, Thrissur - Contravention of CEA (Measures Relating to Safety and Electric Supply), Reg. 2010 26-08-2016
  RP No 2/2016 -Review of the Order No. 02234/C.Engg/BDPP/14 dated 12.01.2016 - Brahmapuram Diesel Power Plant of KSEBL 09-08-2016
  Interim Order in Petition No. 1232/DD(T)/OA-NOC/2016/KSERC – denial of application for NOC Open Access 03-08-2016
  OA 20/14 - Approval of cost data for the year 2016-17 - Kannan Devan Hills Plantations Co. Pvt. Ltd 14-07-2016
  OP No. 31/2015- Procuring 210 MW RTC power from 1108 MW LANCO Kondopalli Power Ltd 22-06-2016
  File No.272/F&T/16/KSERC- approval of PPA for additional 150 MM between M/s Maithon Power Ltd and KSEBL 17-06-2016
  File No.540/Accs/2011/KSERC - Order on non-remittance of licence fee by KSEB Ltd to the Commission 07-06-2016
  OP No.6/2016 - Order - violation of Electricity Act and Supply Code, 2014 by KSEB Ltd - Shri. Aby Alex Abraham 31-05-2016
  File No.761/D(F&T)/16/KSERC- Purchase of evening peak power for the month of May 2016 from PTC India Ltd- KSEB Ltd 23-05-2016
  OA 12/2015 - Approval of the cost data of the rates of materials and labour for the distribution works of KSEB Ltd for 2016-17. 20-05-2016
  OP No. 3/2016 - Order - Ambrossia Bakery, Trivandrum - KSEB Ltd for violation of Act and Supply Code 10-05-2016
  CP.No.04/2016 - KAP (India) Project & Construction Pvt Ltd - non-compliance of the order of Ombudsman - P/371/2013 03-05-2016
  Petition No. 373/D(F&T)/2016 - The General Secretary, Nair Service Society- clarificatory order for Working Women Hostel 11-04-2016
  RP No. 1/15 in OP No. 20/15- exemption from depositing amount corresponding to the short-fall in achieving RPO for the years 2010 -11 to 2012-13 by KSEB Ltd 30-03-2016
  OP Nos. 01/16 and 02/16 Sale of RECs directly to KSEB Ltd M/s INDISL Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd, M/s Sreesakthi Paper Mills Ltd 29-03-2016
  Petition No.2327/Com.ex/KSERC/15 - Shri. Joseph Jacob, POABS Enterprises - Violating provision of Supply Code, 2014 29-02-2016
  OP 4/2016 - Order on approval of PPA - M/s Rubber Park India (P) Ltd with KSEB Ltd 17-02-2016
  Order No. 2176/D(F&T)/2015 - clarification on the procurement of electricity from renewable sources by small licensees- RPO 04-02-2016
  Petition No. 1599/Com.Ex/KSERC/2015 –M/s Little Flower Hospital and Research Centre, Angamaly 27-01-2016
  Directives issued under Section 23 of the Act for the promotion of the grid interactive distributed solar energy systems 21-01-2016
  OP No. 32/2015 - order on reducing the contracted capacity from Regunathpur power plant from 150 MW to 50 MW -KSEB Ltd 21-01-2016
  Order No.02234/C.Engg/ BDPP/14 - Replacement of two faulty diesel engine generator sets - Brahmapuram 12-01-2016
  Order No : 1464/CT/2015 KSEB Ltd- ‘implementation of the directions of the Hon’ble APTEL in appeal petitions No. 1/2013 & 19/2013 07-01-2016
  Petition No. 1834/Com.Ex/KSERC/14 Order on non-compliance of the Act - M/s. Diana Heights and 10 others Athani Section 06-01-2016
  OP No. 33/2015 – Order on security deposit adjusted towards Kataribagh power substation - M/s Cochin Port Trust 05-01-2016
  Order No : 1521/CT/2015 - KSERC (Grid Interactive Distributed Solar Energy Systems) Reg., 2014, seeking modifications in the regulation 13 01-01-2016
  Kerala Electricity Supply Code (Removal of Difficulties) Sixth Order 2015 - Extension of validity 29-12-2015
  Common order on OA Nos. 11/15, 25/15 & 28/15 Petition Nos.1082/SEA/15 & 1249/SEA/15 determination of Fuel Price Adjustment Charges of KSEB Ltd 23-12-2015
  OP-36/2015 - Order on approval of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to be entered into by Technopark with KSEB Ltd 14-12-2015
  OP No. 13 of 2014 - Order on approval of PPA 50 kW Kallar Micro Hydel Project of Idukki District Panchayat 07-12-2015
  OP No.22/2015 - Order - Divisional Railway Manager (Traction) Southern Railway EHT Agreement No.116/2009-10 with KSEB Ltd 11-11-2015
  File No.809/Com.Ex/15/KSERC - Order - Mr. Hashim.K.P, MD, Harbour Fisheries, Thoppumpady 11-11-2015
  OP- 9/ 2015 - Order on request for reduction in contract demand of M/s Smart City Kochi Infrastructure Private Limited, Kakkanad 17-09-2015
  OP No.20/2015 - Order seeking exemption from depositing amount by KSEB Ltd - Renewable Purchase Obligation 16-09-2015
  OP No.27/2015 - Order on categorization of tariff (drinking water) M/s Sree Gokulam Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd 11-09-2015
  OP No.21/2015- accreditation o Iruttukanam Stage I Small Viyyat Power Private Ltd, Idukki 02-09-2015
  1368/15/SEA/KSERC - Order on failure on submitting ARR & ERC Application by Technopark 20-08-2015
  File No.1100/Com.Ex/14/KSERC- filed by Sri.K.Anandakuttan Nair, Secretary, Electricity Consumers’ Welfare Association 19-08-2015
  OP 17/14 - Order on approval of transmission charges for drawing 66 kV line for Pallivasal power house - KDHPCL 18-08-2015
  OP 14/13 - Order on approval of cost data - Thrissur Municipal Corporation for the year 2015-16 06-08-2015
  OP 16/2015 - Order on-invoke the suo motu power of the Commission to amend the Regulation 95 of Supply Code, 2014 04-08-2015
  OP Nos.7/14,17/15,18/15- Common order on approval of meter rent, communication charges, etc 22-07-2015
  OP 23/15 - Order on approval of purchase of 150 MW power from M/s Maithon Power Ltd. 08-07-2015
  Common Order in the objections (file No.0278/Com.Ex/KSERC/2015)- for shifting electric line - KSEB Ltd 06-07-2015
  OP 4/15 - Order on approval of estimate for ABC and Misc charges as per Supply Code,14 - KSEB Ltd 01-07-2015
  Petition No. 2346/Com. Ex/KSERC/14 -Common Order on compliant on contravention of Act, 2003, rules and regulations -M/s MPG Hotels,Tvm 30-06-2015
  Review of the order of the Commission dated10-3-2015 in Petition No.1151/ Com.Ex/ KSERC/2014 29-06-2015
  Order on - approval for the installation of grid interactive solar roof top system by CSEZA 18-06-2015
  OP 19/14-Daily order- Enhancement of the contract demand at 11 kV to M/s UST Global upto 5MVA- Technopark 17-06-2015
  Inclusion of additional area to the existing licence area for distribution of electricity for Infopark Phase II 09-06-2015
  OP No. 14/2015 – Order on rectification of anomalies in fixation of quota – M/s Lulu Cyber Park Ltd. 08-06-2015
  OP- 9/ 2015 - Approval of draft PPA with K.S.E.B.Ltd. for 3MVA power at 11 kV -Smart City Kochi Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd 21-05-2015
  No.255/Com.Ex/2015/KSERC -Order on non-compliance of Act and Supply Code by KSEBL - M/s Mini Industrial Estate 14-05-2015
  No.254/Com.Ex/KSERC/2015 Order on review of the order on Petition No.1991/Com.Ex/KSERC for non-compliance of Act by KSEBL 16-03-2015
  Order on - Non-compliance of the provisions of Electricity Act, 2003 (File No.1151/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) - M/s Madhuram Foods 10-03-2015
  Order - Request for reduction of contract demand (File No.2406/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) of M/s HLL Lifecare Ltd 02-03-2015
  Order on -Penalize KSEBL for non-compliance of Act, (File No.2376/Com. Ex/KSERC/2014) - M/s Ray Constructions Ltd- 23.1.15 23-01-2015
  Order on - Non-compliance of the provisions of Supply Code, 2014 (File No.2050/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) - M/s Atlantic Care Chemicals 23-01-2015
  Order on - Non-compliance of the provisions of Supply Code, 2014 (File No. 2175/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) - M/s Tropicana World Trade P Ltd. 23-01-2015
  OP 12/14 - Order on - Penalise KSEB Ltd for non-compliance of Act and other orders-22.1.15 22-01-2015
  Order on -Penalization u/s 142 of the Act for the -Supply Code, 2014 (File No.1613/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) -R.Anil Kumar- Poovar KSEB Ltd. 22-01-2015
  OP 22/11 - Order on collection of developmental charges/substation enhancement expenditure in the Pretext of expense incurred for Providing the Supply 22-01-2015
  OP 6/2014 – Order on complaints under EA, 2003 for refund of penalty and interest on BST by KSEB - KPUPL 22-01-2015
  Order on - Non-compliance of CGRF (South) Order in OP No.1086/13 by KSEB Ltd (File No.2007/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) -M/s Madhuram Foods 20-01-2015
  OP 5/2014 - Order on PPA between Palakkad Hydro co. ltd & KSEB Ltd -Meenvallam Small Hydro Projec 12-01-2015
  OP 18/14 - Order on Fuel Price Adjustment charges on all consumers and bulk consumers/others for the period from April 2014 to July 2014 08-01-2015
  OP No.21/2014 – Order on - Tariff applicable to Cochin Hallmark Company Private Ltd 06-01-2015
  OP. No.22/14- Order refund of penalty & interest charges for exceeding contract demand and arrears due on revision of Bulk Supply Tariff from KSEBL - M/s KEPIP 06-01-2015
  OP 24/14 Order on - seeking modification in Regulation 13 of KSERC (Grid Interactive Distributed Solar Energy Systems), Regulations, 2014 24-12-2014
  Order on non-compliance of CGRF OP No. 897/13 –(File No. 557/Com. Ex/KSERC) - Sri. George Philip, Kottoorazhikath 04-12-2014
  Order on non-compliance of the directives of CGRF (Central) OP No.CGFR-CR/Comp.137/13-14 (File No.641/Com.Ex/KSERC/2014) Shri. Joy Joseph 20-11-2014
  OP 14/2013 - Interim Order on Approval of cost data for distribution works by Thrissur Corporation 20-11-2014
  Order on non-compliance of order on OP 44/2013-14 by CGRF (North) -Sri. Sainudeen.P (File No. 23/Com. Ex/KSERC/2014) 12-11-2014
  OP 16/14 - Order on approval of PPA between M/s. Rubber Park India (P) L & KSEBL for a contract demand of 4500 kVA 31-10-2014
  Review order on 82/2010 - Order on exceeding contract load/demand by M/s Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly 28-10-2014
  OP 8/14 - Order on Enhancement of maximum Contract Demand from 100 kVA to 150 kVA for LT - Kerala State Small Industries Association 09-10-2014
  Order on-Suo motu proceedings In the Matter of Generation Based Incentive) for Off Grid- Solar 30-09-2014
  Order on - Kerala Electricity Supply Code (Removal of Difficulties) 23-09-2014
  OP 23/13 - Order on approval of PPA with KSEB for drawal of power from Mankulam Mini HP 04-09-2014
  OP 41/2014 - Order on recovery of capital cost for augmenting power infrastructure at Vallarpadam 28-08-2014
  OP 39/13 -Order on the necessity enhancing power to 150 kVA under LT -Shri. Shaji Sebastian 24-06-2014
  Order - Rectifying the anomalies of the KSEB Order B.O (FB) No. 2518/2013 (KSEB/TRAC/S Code/R2/2009) - Petitioner: Sri. Shaji Sebastian 05-06-2014
  OP 3/2014 Order on approval of draft PPA with KSEB at Infopark, Kochi 30-04-2014
  OP 4/2011 - Order on Approval of Terms and Conditions of Supply of M/s RPI(P) Ltd. 29-04-2014
  O.P. No. 36 of 2010 - In the Matter of Approval of Terms & Conditions of Supply of M/s. Infopark Kochi 29-04-2014
  OP 33/2010 - Order on Approval of Terms & Conditions of Supply of M/s. KDHPCLtd., Munnar 29-04-2014
  Order on OP 30/2013 - Approval of Schedule of rates for distribution works in KSEB 28-04-2014
  OP 28/2010 - Order on Approval of terms and conditions of supply of CSEZ, Kakkanad 28-04-2014
  OP No.26/2010 - Approval of Terms and Conditions of Supply of Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram 23-04-2014
  Errata notification - notification No. 981/C.Engg/LP-11/KSERC/2011 dated 18th October 2011, Infoparks Kerala 23-04-2014
  OP No.2/2014 - Clarificatory order on certain findings in the Orders of the KSERC O.P.30/11 dt.01.11.2013 - M/s Kasaragod Power Corporation Ltd 09-04-2014
  OP 41/2013 - Order on recovery of capital cost for augmenting power infrastructure at Vallarpadam 25-03-2014
  OP 33 - 12 Interim Order (judgment in WP (C) 139/2010 of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala) on M/s. Tata Global Beverages Ltd, Kolkatta 17-03-2014
  Order - Approved of Schedule of Rates -Annexures I and II -13/3/2014 13-03-2014
  Order on OP 30/2013 - Approval of Schedule of rates for distribution works in KSEB 28-02-2014
  Order on - non-compliance of the Act and the order of commission (No.1996/Com. Ex/KSERC/2012) - KSEB Kundara 26-02-2014
  OP No.33/2013 - Order on clarification in bill -MET School of Engineering 25-02-2014
  OP No.26/13 - Order on the Harassment of Consumers by KSEB Ltd. - Sri.Shaji Sebastian 06-02-2014
  OP 29/13 - Order on Incentive for prompt payment (incentive for high load factor, prompt payment, high power factor and improvement in TOD billing system) - M/s Binani Zinc Ltd. 06-02-2014
  OP 27-2013 - Interim order on determination of project specific tariff for Karikkayam SHEP order dt 22.1.2014 21-01-2014
  OP 18-2013 - Order on Tender dispute between Ms Global Energy Pvt. Ltd and KSEB 13-12-2013
  OP 292010 - Order on clarification exempting bsnl from taking permits -09.12.2013 09-12-2013
  OP 28-2013 - Order for punishment as per 142 to KSEBL - Pyarelal Foams & Aditya Fabrics 20-11-2013
  OP 28/13 non-compliance direction of KSERC by KSEB Ltd -Pyarelal Foams (P) Ltd & M/s Aditya Fabrics 20-11-2013
  OP 30-2011 -Order on dispute on PPA between Ms KPCL and KSEB (IA 3,4,5 of 2012) 01-11-2013
  OP 24-2013 - Order on changing the date of application of tariff for wind energy generators at Agali - KITEX Ltd 10-10-2013
  OP 19-2013 - Order on granting provisional COD by KSEBL for Iruttukanam SHEP 10-10-2013
  OP 30-2012 - Order on Kuthungal SHP -accreditation of INDSIL as a renewable energy generator 07-08-2013
  File No.734-CT-2013 - Order on admissibility of petition - Ullunkal Small Hydro Project 30-07-2013
  OP 25- 2013 - Order on approval of PPA between KSEB and CESC, Mysore 23-07-2013
  OP 2 -11 - Order on approval of tariff for co-generation plant of Philps Carbon Black Ltd 21-07-2013
  OP 23-13 Approval of PPA for micro hydel project -Mankulam Grama Panchayat 11-07-2013
  OP 16-2013 - Order on approval of estimate rates for metered supply to street lights in LSGs- KSEBL 04-06-2013
  OP 12-2013 - Order on wheeling charges -Rubber park 2013-14 15-05-2013
  OP 33-2013 - Interim Order on petition filed by Tata Global Bevarages Ltd and KDHPCL 14-05-2013
  File No.392-SEA-2013 -Order on removal of anomaly and disparity in fixing quota KSSIA & Ors 08-05-2013
  Order on solar RPO by KSEB and Other licensees 04-04-2013
  OP 11-2013 - Order on approval of PPA between KSEB and INFOPARK 02-04-2013
  File No.442-CT-2012 - Order on admissibility of benefit of higher tariff for SHPs -Iruttukanam State II 14-02-2013
  OP 38-2012 Orders Power Restrictions-Final 12-12-2012
  OP 26-2012 Order fuel surchage- Jan-march2012 03-10-2012
  OP 19-2012- Order fuel surchage- October to Dec 2011 KSEB 28-05-2012
  OP 36-2012 - Order on withdrawal of additional power allocation to RPIL 22-04-2012
  OP20-2012 Order on Power restrictions -5-4-12 05-04-2012
  OP 15-2011 Order on Connection charges from LT consumer - KSEB 10-11-2011
  OP 9-2011 & OP17-2011 Order fuel surcharge- Oct 2010 to march 2011 21-07-2011
  Order-Suo-mutu-Noncompliance of directives by KSEB 7-10-2010 07-10-2010
  OP 8/2008 – Order on the arrear of electricity charges from various consumers - Sebastian Kurian 24-05-2010
  DP-21-2005 - Single point supply Koyenco Steels P Ltd and KPUPL 25-11-2005
  DP-17-2004 - Interim order on Kerala IT mission and KSEB 01-09-2004
  DP-19-2004 - Order on Tata Tea Ltd to be treated as franchisee 12-08-2004